Tuesday, March 7, 2023

#66 / Let's Call Them "Principles"


It is my belief (reinforced, let me say, by DECADES of experience), that it is a good idea to have some basic "rules" to guide us in what we do. Let's call them "principles." The suggestion that we should live our life according to some basic "principles" is not a unique thought. There are whole books about this idea. You might want to investigate, for instance, Living A Principled Life

Some may remember that when I retired from my twenty-year tenure on the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors (and that was quite a long time ago, now), I outlined some principles that I thought might be helpful to elected officials everywhere. I denominated these principles, "Five Rules I Follow." I actually republished them as one of these blog postings, back in 2010 (again, quite a long time ago, now).

One of the "principles" by which I try to live didn't make it on to my "Five Rules" list, though I have mentioned this principle before, by way of a blog posting. In fact, the "principle" I am talking about is easy to understand. Here it is: 

I often have a Bob Dylan musical reference to accompany my pronouncements. In this case, though, I think that the "Hang On" principle I want to highlight is best conveyed by the music of the McCoys. Here are the key lyrics:
Hang on, SloopySloopy, hang onHang on, SloopySloopy, hang on
The music that goes along with these lyrics is of the "earworm" variety - at least, that has been my experience. The song was first sung the year I graduated from college, and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. Click right here if you'd like to listen to the song. Whether you choose to do that or not, however, please consider that once you have made a choice about something important that you think you should do, and after you have taken some initial action to achieve your objective, "hanging on" is the principle you've got to remember!


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