Saturday, September 11, 2021

How You Can Subscribe

I would like to encourage you to subscribe to this blog. I have been making daily postings here for over eleven years, and I naturally welcome the idea that someone might read what I am writing!

If you don't already subscribe and would like to, please follow the directions below:

How To Sign Up To Receive Blog Postings
#1 - Go to the "Follow-It" Website (just click this link).
#2 - Fill in the following URL in the blank provided: Then hit "Go."
#3 - On the next page (it will come up automatically), hit "Next."
#4 - On the page that comes up, select "Single Emails," and then type in YOUR email at the bottom of the page.
#5 - Finally, hit the "Follow It" button at the bottom of that same page.
#6 - Confirm your choice when you get an email in your inbox. 
That's it! I have tried this myself, and I had no problems. 
Thanks for reading "We Live In A Political World!"

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Gary A. Patton, screenshot

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