Monday, March 6, 2023

#65 / Can California Be Golden Again?


You might think it's a little bit odd that the Manhattan Institute is sponsoring a conference, in Santa Monica, aimed at exploring whether or not California can be "golden again." Aren't there plenty of problems in New York?
At any rate, the Manhattan Institute conference will take place in just a few days, on March 9th, and you can click right here if you'd like to register. That will cost you some money, by the way; so, just be aware of that!
The Manhattan Institute bills itself as a "leading free-market think tank," and it focuses its work on Economic Growth, Education, Energy and Environment, Health Care, Legal Reform, Public Sector, Race, & Urban Policy. Here's the email bulletin I received, promoting its upcoming conference:

Here is my problem with the Manhattan Institute's "Can California Be Golden Again?" conference: The discussion will be all about the various "observations" that the think-tankers from Manhattan have compiled, as they contemplate the California scene. Observations are alight, of course. We all need to keep our eyes open. We all need to be "thinking about" the things we observe (the exact function of a "think tank," of course). 

However, if we want to do more than merely wonder about the future - if we actually care about the future - "observation" is not the way to address the questions that come to mind. If California is less "golden" than in the past (the implicit judgment of the Manhattan Institute), then we need to "do something" about that. "Observation," by itself, just doesn't change the world. 

What does?

Well, "action," of course, which means that "organizers,"not think-tank "observers," are what we actually need.
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