Wednesday, December 21, 2022

#356 / Satire? Or Not?

The Letter to the Editor that is reproduced above appeared in The Santa Cruz Sentinel on Sunday, November 20, 2022, the same day I took a long walk and found a little "Memento Mori" sticker pasted onto the asphalt on East Cliff Drive.
The question I couldn't get out of my mind, as I took my walk, was whether or not this letter was intentionally satirical or unintentionally satirical.

I have to believe the former, but I don't really know! What I thought about on my walk, however, is that we absolutely need to recognize that the human world we decide to build (17-story skyscrapers or NO 17-story skyscrapers) ultimately depends on the World of Nature, which we often call "the environment," and the World of Nature, upon which we ultimately depend, is a world with "limits."

Just in case Grace Gerbrandt was not intending to be satirical, let me point out that one of our biggest problems seems to be that we are not properly recognizing that there really are "Limits To Growth."
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