Monday, December 19, 2022

#354 / Pots And Shards


Since the studios of Barisof Pottery are, literally, right around the corner from where I live, a visit to the gallery is always a go-to location when it's time to buy gifts. This is definitely the season for that, just in case you haven't noticed. Please consider this blog posting as an invitation to visit my neighborhood, and to pick out some gifts yourself. Click this link to contact the potters! Pictured are some of the gifts that we will be giving this holiday season. There are lots more to look at in the Barisofs' studio.

Since I have finally been able to read that book I mentioned over a year ago, The Dawn of Everything - A New History of Humanity, pottery has been on my mind. Based largely on archeology, this book does open up a new understanding of how we got to where we are (and all the stages in between). The pots and shards of ancient pottery are some of the enduring artifacts that can help us understand our past. 

Since I have been reading the book, it struck me that real life, contemporary potters, like Bonnie and Steve Barisof, might have some sense that what they are selling may be, thousands of years from now, important evidence of how we live, and the nature of the social, political, and economic reality that we inhabit. Since I was visiting their studios on my gift-buying mission, I decided to inquire. 
Perhaps not surprisingly, both Steve and Bonnie were very clear that their art is, indeed, art for "the ages." In fact, Steve was particularly proud to point out that iron and steel rusts, wood and fabric dissolve, and even bronze is subject to deterioration.  

Not so clay!

I like the idea that our gifts this season may help future archeologists understand what's happening now. 

Besides, they're beautiful!

Image Credit:
Gary A. Patton, Personal Photo 

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