Saturday, September 17, 2022

#261 / Gen-Z


In a July 6, 2022 article, National Public Radio has noted that the upcoming Congressional elections, culminating in November, are the very first elections in which a member of "Generation Z" can run for Congress. 
I am currently reading about the French Revolution, in A New World Begins, by Jeremy Popkin, and based on that reading, I am not at all sure that eliminating "compromise" is our best prescription for a better world. My "A House Divided?" posting, on July 6th, speaks to that. Nonetheless - with my reservations having been expressed - some fundamental changes would certainly be welcome!
Changing things around? Oh, yeah. I'm in favor of that!
You can read that NPR news report from July 6th, to see what's happening with these new Gen Z candidates. Both parties have them. By and large, that's a hopeful sign, I think!

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