Sunday, June 5, 2022

#156 / Get Out There


That's climate scientist Kim Cobb, pictured above. She is a professor and climate scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As reported in a news article in early May, she and other climate scientists are trying their best to "keep hope alive," as damage to the natural world worsens from the effects of human-caused global warming. 

I know that "anything is possible" within the human world for which we are responsible. Within the World of Nature, not so! Because the damage we are doing to the natural world is stemming, directly, from what we, human beings, are doing in the "human world" for which we are responsible, I know that it is at least "possible" to change our behavior, and (if we are fortunate) to avert the climate catastrophe that we can see looming ahead - the catastrophe that is, in fact, already present in all its destructive and disturbing manifestations.
Think massive wildfires:

Think drought: 

Both those pictures are from California. Things here are really bad, but things are worse elsewhere. Check out the heat map of India, displayed in one of my recent blog postings. Temperatures of 141 degrees Fahrenheit have been recorded there. In Kuwait, birds fell from the sky, killed by the heat, even as they flew.

Jacquelyn Gill, another climate scientist quoted in the news article already mentioned has this advice: "Be a doer. Get out there."
There is, really, no other advice worth giving. If we are waiting around for some scientist, or someone in government, or business, to solve our global warming problem, then we are almost certainly going to miss the last train to survival. 
I remember the following phrase quite well. It still applies: "We are the ones we are waiting for." 
So, stop waiting!
Get out there!
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