Monday, April 4, 2022

#94 / INTOIT


The acronym that heads up this blog posting refers to a book that seems to speak to our time. I am referring to Mónica Guzmán's new book, I Never Thought Of It That Way. You can use the acronym if you want to (INTOIT), a practice apparently promoted by Guzmán herself. I am basing this last assertion not on the book (I haven't yet read the book), but on a quick little review that appeared in The New York Times Book Review on April 3, 2022. 

I have been promoting the idea that we need to be "talking to strangers," and that the future of our system of self-government is going to depend on our doing just that. It seems to me, based on the review of Guzmán's book, that she is making pretty much the same argument. Her observation (giving her the title to her book) is that we ought to bring "curiosity," not "confrontation," to our discussions with those who hold different views. 

"Wow," we should be telling ourselves, when faced with the arguments and assertions of those with whom we disagree, "I never thought of it that way!"

Seems right to me!

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