Saturday, April 30, 2022

#120 / The Day The World Stops Shopping


I have mentioned the Sierra Club's Desert Report before, urging those concerned with the preservation and protection of the natural environment to donate and subscribe to this excellent magazine.  
The March 2022, edition of Desert Report  has a front page title that reads: "About The Day The World Stops Shopping." The article to which this title belongs is a review of a book by J. B. MacKinnon. MacKinnon's book is titled (as you just might guess), "About The Day The World Stops Shopping." His message is simple: We either stop our current patterns of consumption or the Earth will sicken, and human civilization will collapse.
That is pretty much what will happen if we don't stop shopping! Ring any bells? If you haven't already had that thought, click this link and see what MacKinnon is talking about. Or, read the whole book!
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