Tuesday, November 30, 2021

#334 / Houston....


Pictured is the cover of the September 2021, edition of Desert Report, "news of the desert from Sierra Club California & Nevada Desert Committee." I believe that anyone who is concerned about the natural environment should think seriously about making a donation and subscribing. This publication is always exceptionally informative and is sometimes inspirational. 

When I saw the cover on the September edition, I knew exactly what that legend on the top was intended to say. The phrase is famous: "Houston, we have a problem." I guess, taking Wikipedia as an authority, the famous "quote" is really a "misquote." You can click the link if you'd like to pursue that line of inquiry.
When I looked at the cover I had a little problem with the word "have." I knew what that word was supposed to be ("have"), but the "v" didn't translate as a "v," as my eyes took it in. It looked like an "r" to me. 
"Houston, we hare a problem" doesn't make any sense. Another reason to be sure that what my eyes saw as "hare" should actually register as "have." Still, since my eyes continued to see "hare," I really contemplated two alternative possibilities. First (the right answer, of course), is that the cover properly reprinted the famous quote (or "misquote"), and that third letter was really a "v," not an "r." Second, though, maybe there was a printing error, and an unwanted "h" was added, and the word "hare" on the cover was really supposed to be "are." That would mean that the magazine intended to say the following, in the dark of space surrounding our very lovely planet:

Houston, we are a problem. 

You can see how I became confused. That's so true!

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