Wednesday, May 8, 2024

#129 / Schiff In Santa Cruz


Adam Schiff, Member of Congress and currently running for the United States Senate, showed up in Santa Cruz last Sunday, at the home of Fred Keeley. Keeley is the Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, and Schiff stood on the Mayor's sunny front porch and spoke to supporters who were gathered in the Mayor's front garden. I took a picture.

As is evidenced by the photograph above, it appears that I managed to capture Schiff with his eyes closed. That could give you the wrong impression. I think I'd characterize Schiff's politics as "clear-eyed." He didn't come across as a "sleepyhead," either. Schiff presented a realistic view of where our national politics is today - and he made very clear that we are at an "inflection point." If you click the link in the first paragraph, the link mentioning Schiff's Senate campaign, you can make a contribution. Having been at the event at the Mayor's house - and having heard Schiff speak - I think that making a contribution to Schiff's Senate campaign would be an excellent investment in good government. 

Schiff's remarks, recognizing the exceptional political moment in which we find ourselves, provided what I think of as some very good advice. I have his quote, below, in big type. Schiff spoke those words in a way that made me think of that World War II advisory to the people of Great Britain: "Keep Calm And Carry On." In fact, as Congress Member Schiff said, we are in serious times, and we need to address the very real dangers and challenges we face. Our "democracy," our democratic system of self-government, is facing a genuine "stress test." The challenges we face are very real. 

Lest, however, we talk ourselves into panic, here is a message from Adam Schiff, speaking in Santa Cruz, and telling the truth: 

"We Will Get Through This." 

I think that's true. So, let's keep reminding ourselves that it is true, and let's do something to make sure that it will be true. 

Among other things (this is my suggestion), let's elect Adam Schiff to the United States Senate.

Gary A. Patton, personal photo

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