Thursday, May 9, 2024

#130 / Signature Lines

That guy pictured above, Lee Brokaw, is someone whom I would call a "community activist." Lee resides in my own hometown, Santa Cruz, California. He's a general contractor, too, which background often informs his public engagements. You can click right here, for instance, to see what Lee has to say about the quality and sustainability of newly constructed downtown buildings in Santa Cruz.

Coming, as I do, from a tradition of "environmental activism," with a particular focus on "Growth Management," I am not used to finding general contractors who have similar political views. In fact, I am not so sure that Lee and I would always come down on exactly the same side on the kind of issues with which I tend to get involved. Lee is, though, definitely someone who wants our local community to be "in charge" of its own future - and of its own present! We are definitely in agreement on that!

I was pleased to learn that Lee liked one of my blog postings from the middle of last March, which was titled, "Answering An Important Question." 

What was that important question, to which I suggested I might have a good answer? Here is how I put that question in my blog posting:

"Why do the rich have so much power?"

I answered the question as follows: 

"The rich have so much power because the rest of us don't use our own."

Lee sent me a message, suggesting that I should use that response as a "signature line" on the emails I send - just to be sure, I suppose, that I don't forget what I said, and to remind others to think about that topic themselves. 

That's a pretty good idea, and anyone who would like to append my question and/or response to their own emails is certainly invited to do so. 

Lee himself, I note, has now incorporated my statement into his own signature line. Credit to Lee for his decision to employ the following, three-part closure to the emails he dispatches. They go out widely, and they go out often!

“Things are the way they are because filthy rich people think they don't have enough money” - M. Lee Brokaw
“The rich have so much power because the rest of us don’t use our own” - Gary Patton
Activism keeps me young.” - Jane Fonda, 82 years old

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