Thursday, July 13, 2023

#194 / Fonda And Fonda


The Saturday/Sunday, May 13-14 edition of The Wall Street Journal has a story that puts "20 Odd Questions" to Jane Fonda. The Journal's paywall policies permitting, you can read all about it right here

I have always been fond of Jane Fonda. I met her once, in person, here in Santa Cruz, when Fonda came to speak at the London Nelson Community Center [then called the Louden Nelson Community Center]. I remember that I introduced her. I don't remember, now, what that occasion was all about, but I do remember that Jane Fonda was very nice. I knew Tom Hayden, too, who was then her husband.

The "big reveal" in the story in the Wall Street Journal is something that Fonda (a fitness maven) claims is a "little-known fact." 
"Yes, I eat pizza," Fonda advises. She also makes an assertion that "the best pizza is at Pizzana in Brentwood, Calif. ... I get a truffle pie. I love truffles."
I revere Fonda for her outspoken and energetic opposition to the War in Vietnam. I revere her for her work, with Tom Hayden, as a founder of the Campaign for Economic Democracy (CED).  

While I liked hearing about Fonda's food choices - more or less the main focus of the article in The Wall Street Journal - my takeaway from the article was not about her pizza preferences. I liked Fonda's book recommendations:
I read: about three books a week, and a lot of those books focus on climate. Occasionally, I’ll read a novel. “Ministry for the Future,” by Kim Stanley Robinson, is about the climate crisis. It’s very intense, but it’s hopeful. Also, “The Overstory,” by Richard Powers, is a remarkable book.
If you click those links, to the book titles, you will find that I have been recommending those very same books!
Jane Fonda has been on what I consider to have been the "right side" of some of the major political efforts of my lifetime. She fought, at great personal risk, the outrageous actions of the United States' government in pursuing the War in Vietnam. She put herself to work on all of the issues related to income inequality, which continues to be one of the major challenges to the our system of self-government. Now, Fonda has begun a political action committee - The Climate PAC - dedicated to fighting against the global warming crisis that puts the continued existence of our human civilization - and even the integrity of the natural environment, itself - in imminent peril. 

I revere her for that, too! [Click the video link to learn more]

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