Sunday, December 4, 2022

#339 / The Chances Are ...


Frederick Buechner is pictured above. I have mentioned him before, in a blog posting on What To Do With Your Life. Buechner died in August of this year, at the age of ninety-six. He was an American writer, novelist, poet, autobiographer, essayist, preacher, and theologian - and an ordained Presbyterian minister. He was the author of thirty-nine published books. Click that link above for more information.
I came across a short little statement not long ago, apparently taken from one of Buechner's books, Listening To Your Life. The statement touches on that "Memento Mori" theme that has been preoccupying me during the last year or so. I thought it was pretty good statement, and here it is:
Have you wept at anything during the past year? Has your heart beat faster at the sight of young beauty? Have you thought seriously about the fact that someday you are going to die? More often than not, do you really listen when people are speaking to you, instead of just waiting for your turn to speak? Is there anybody you know in whose place, if one of you had to suffer great pain, you would volunteer yourself? If your answer to all or most of these questions is no, the chances are that you’re dead. 
I am thinking about this! Maybe we all should!
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