Sunday, November 20, 2022

#325 / Let The Mystery Be - Time After Time, II


The image above comes from a website called Astronomy Trek, and specifically from an article titled, "7 Mysteries Of Time Explained." Time is, indeed, a "mystery," at least it is to me, and that image conveys some hint of its mysterious nature.
I have written about the mystery of "Time" on a number of occasions, and after having done a compilation of "outside sources," discussing the nature of "Time," I wrote a blog posting featuring a song by Cyndi Lauper, "Time After Time."

When that "Time After Time" blog posting was published, back in October of this year, I suddenly remembered another blog posting, from more than ten years ago. That long-ago blog posting provided a link to "Let The Mystery Be," by Iris DeMent, and in thinking about DeMent's song, I realized that the phrase "Time After Time" can be heard two ways.

First, of course, the phrase, "time after time," indicates that time "comes back," that it can give us another chance. That is the way the phrase is used in Lauper's song. But... what about the idea that there is "Time," even after "Time" has ended? 

That is another possible interpretation of the phrase, and that possibility is what DeMent's song is all about. She is singing about what happens "when the whole thing's done." 

Maybe, DeMent says, though not using the phrase, there is, in fact, some sort of "Time" after "Time," and that we are going to "come back," in whatever form DeMent certainly doesn't pretend to know. 

Thinking about what these two songs might suggest about the nature of our human life, and eternity, is a kind of Sunday sermon kind of challenge. They are lovely songs:

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