Wednesday, October 26, 2022

#300 / Secret Superpowers

"All mushrooms are magic." 
Giuliana Furci is a Chilean environmentalist. That is her quote, above, which I found in an article in the July 30, 2022, edition of The New York Times. Furci is not talking about the psychedelic properties of mushrooms, either. She is talking about the amazing way that underground, mycorrhizal fungi support virtually all plant life on the planet. 
The Times' article was headlined as follows in the hard copy edition: "Unearthing The Secret Superpowers of Fungus." Online, if you can penetrate The Times' paywall, the illustrations are gorgeous. The message is of critical importance. 
Here is the statement that has prompted me to use this blog posting to alert you to what Furci is telling us: 
To understand this kingdom, fungi aficionados argue, is to see the natural world differently — less as a collection of individual species, with humans dominating them all, and more as a web of organisms dealing with crises together.

We need to start seeing our human situation differently from the way we are accustomed to account for it. We are not separate individuals, who are only peripherally related to all the other individuals in the world - those with whom we have things in common, and those with whom we seem to have nothing in common. We are not independent of the World of Nature, either. We, too, are supported by the web of life. We, too, are dependent on those secret superpowers we fail to see, but which support us nonetheless.

Read about the mushrooms (the fungi) and be amazed. 
Be grateful!

Once we understand the message that the fungi are bringing, then we must amaze ourselves. Our own superpowers are released as we deal with crises together (not separately) - for we are together with all human communities, everywhere on Earth, and together with the fungi, and the fish, the trees and toads and all that is spectacular and strange in this wonderful world in which it has been our privilege to have been born.

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