Wednesday, July 27, 2022

#209 / Let's Be Friends

Axios is an online news site, and publishes a regular newsletter, called "Finish Line." The "Finish Line" newsletter focuses on "life lessons, leadership, health, and fitness." A recent edition considered "friendship," and suggests that making friends, while hard to do, is worth the effort. According to what Axios says, friendship "lengthens our lives, improves our performance at work, makes us better parents, and broadens our minds."

Too bad, with all these positive benefits of friendship, that so many of us have so few friends. According to "Finish Line," 27% of millennials say they have no close friends, and 22% say they have no friends at all. YouGov, an international online research data and analytics technology group, is the source of those statisticsYouGov America calls millennials "the loneliest generation." 
I am not, of course, among the millennial cohort. Far from it. I am also far from what I'd call a "friendship expert." I do know, however, that the friends I have made, during my increasingly long life, have mostly been made while I was engaged with others in a small group, undertaking some sort of political activity intended to change the world. Getting deeply involved in a local political campaign tends to do the trick. You can click this link for a local, Santa Cruz County example. You might also want to visit my blog posting from yesterday, and listen to my speech. The friends I made in the fight to Save Lighthouse Field are still my friends!
As you can see, I am providing here, in this blog posting, one practical suggestion on how to handle the friendship crisis. I think it will be useful for millennials and anyone else interested. It has definitely worked for me!

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