Saturday, July 16, 2022

#198 / Bimbo Wisdom


Bimbo (defined)
Informal + usually disparaging : an attractive but stupid woman
Pictured above is a self-proclaimed "Bimbo," Chrissy Chalapecka. If you click the link to her name, you will be transported to her TikTok site, and you can watch her in action. 
If you want to hear about what the Web Editor of The Paris Review has to say about Chalapecka, you should click right here. That click will take you to a June 19, 2022, column in The New York Times, by Sophie Haigney. Haigney's column is titled, "Meet the Self-Described 'Bimbos' of TikTok." Chalapecka is "Exhibit A." 
In her column, Haigney ponders the following question: "Can talking about how dumb and hot you are be a feminist act?"

The answer to that question is not, actually, the reason I am featuring the wisdom of Chrissy Chalapecka in today's blog posting. One of Chalapecka's TikTok videos apparently addresses our economy, and she is quoted by Haigney as saying, "All I know is that our problems would be solved if we'd just print more money." There is some truth to that, Haigney confesses (though some problems, too). Haigney then goes on to quote Chalapecka as follows:

The whole world we made is literally made up, so we can make up solutions to the issues we have.

Chalapecka may be a "bimbo," but this statement is, in fact, profoundly correct. When we look around and see the "realities" that confront us, we tend to credit those realities with some kind of essential "inevitability." What "is" is what "has to be." That's a common misunderstanding of the nature of reality.

But nothing is inevitable in the world we make (and have made). Great things, and horrible things - dreams and nightmares - are all possible. 

The kind of world we inhabit just depends on what we decide to do. The world we've got is just "made up," and we can "make up solutions to the issues we have."

Bimbo wisdom? Chalapecka nails an essential truth!

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