Tuesday, March 15, 2022

#74 / Bottoms Up!


Most of the research on communication about climate change has taken a top-down approach, focusing on the messages that organizations, businesses or governments can use to influence people’s behavior.... But that’s shifting. Recently, there’s been a growing recognition of the role that individuals can play in shaping how people in their social networks think about climate change.
The quote above comes from an article published by the American Psychological Association, "Confronting the climate crisis." In one of my recent blog postings, I provided a link to a "gloom and doom" assessment about the future of life on this planet (including, specifically, human life). 
The American Psychological Association, in the article I just linked above, can pretty much match the article cited in that earlier blog posting - gloom for gloom and doom for doom.
The question, of course, is this: What do we do, now that we have the diagnosis? We all know that we need to do something. In fact, we actually know that we need to do everything we possibly can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - and we need to do all those things as soon as possible and in the greatest amount possible. 
By and large, as that quote from the APA says, we are acting on the assumption that governments, businesses, or other organizations need to lead the charge. 
Guess again!
Real change always comes from the bottom up!
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