Thursday, January 6, 2022

#6 / Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around

Shortly after my "Just Look Up!" blog posting was published, on January 3rd, a link to my sister's latest blog posting appeared in my email inbox. 

My blog posting was a commentary on the recent Leonardo DiCaprio movie, "Don't Look Up." It contained what I would have to say is a kind of "gloom and doom" message, though I did try to say something positive.
My sister's blog posting was a New Year's greeting,* and incorporated some advice from Mary Oliver (see above). Her posting might well be considered a kind of antidote to the gloom and doom. I do recommend that you take that antidote!  
My sister Nancy is an artist, and her blog is titled, "Nancy's Atelier." You can click that link to visit Nancy's blog directly, and if you want to subscribe, I think you use the little email symbol at the top of her blog post to send in a request. Nancy's most recent blog posting is largely comprised of the pictures below, which constitute the antidote I mentioned.
Look up! Look down! Look all around! 
Behold this beautiful world in which we are all so privileged to live:

Image Credits:
*All the pictures from my sister's blog were taken on New Year's Day

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