Thursday, May 27, 2021

#147 / On My List


I have mentioned this book before, and I still haven't read it. It is definitely on my list!

A pretty recent article in the online publication Axios tells us that China's greenhouse gas emissions now surpass all developed nations combined. Malm's book, published in 2016, anticipated this news. Chapter 14 is titled, "China as Chimney of the World: Fossil Capital Today."

How are we going to address our greenhouse gas emissions problem? That is, of course, a pretty serious question, since the fate of the world does ride on finding an effective way not only to stop current greenhouse gas emissions, but actually to "draw down" and recapture the inventory of past emissions. 

The situation is dire, and proposals to use our technological know-how to solve the problem are all rather problematic. We definitely need to take action. I think we need to study up, too!

Malm's book is definitely on my list!

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