Monday, June 24, 2024

#176 / That River In Egypt

One of my Facebook Friends recently expressed the hope that I was more optimistic than he was about how we are, collectively, responding to the global warming challenges that are putting human civilization at risk, not to mention damaging the life-sustaining environment of Earth itself, threatening the existence of every living thing. 

I had to confess to my friend that I think that the approach being taken by the United States, in general, is best described as a strategy named for "That River In Egypt." I have been to that river, once. It is pictured, above, at Luxor

"Da Nile" is a wonderful river. But it's not a very good strategy for dealing with real problems, even granting that "denial," as a strategy, is an appealing one. A strategy of denial is particularly appealing if you don't think of yourself as powerful and important. 

Let me remind you of the actual truth. We are, each one of us, powerful and important. That's why I end up, always, considering whatever challenge may be presented in light of the attitude adopted by Antonio Gramsci

Pessimism Of The Intellect. Optimism Of The Will.

Gary A. Patton, personal photo (2010)

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