Sunday, June 23, 2024

#175 / Imagining Outside Lands

Late last year, I wrote a blog posting about a book called, "Imagine Heaven," and every once in a while I find myself doing just that - Imagining Heaven. Back in June, as tickets for the Outside Lands Festival went on sale, I started imagining "Heaven" as something just like Outside Lands. Tickets for this year's festival, by the way, may still be available. It's August 9-11.

Now, I have never been to Outside Lands - to the "Outside Lands Music And Arts Festival," as it used to be called. And, of course, I haven't been to heaven, either. Still, the great thing about "imagining" is that you can have the experience you imagine, which then becomes "real," right in the process of imagining it. John Lennon said something about that - a little more melodically than my effort here. But it's true. "It's easy if you try." 

I can really imagine walking around in a beautiful area, along with thousands and thousands of others, enjoying different kinds of music on stages scattered here and there. It would be like "Playing For Change" in real life. The "mission statement" of "Playing For Change" is to "inspire and connect the world through music." 

Inspiring and connecting the world! Now, that would be Heaven!

Let's try imagining that!

To help us along, here's a replay of "Ripple," which I featured in a blog post a while back. That should get our imaginations working!

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  1. Yay! By the way, though, Yoko Ono wrote the words to "Imagine".


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