Monday, May 27, 2024

#148 / I Took My Own Advice

A while back, I suggested that anyone reading my blog should "Listen to Lindsey," meaning Lindsey Stonebridge, pictured above. Stonebridge has written a book about Hannah Arendt, We Are Free To Change The World. When I published my earlier blog posting, I had not yet read the book, and I recommended the book on the basis of its title alone. It's a really great title! Since then, let me report, I took my own advice. I did read that book. It is definitely recommended - and now not just for the title!

For the moment, though, besides renewing my suggestion that you track down and read We Are Free To Change The World, let me tell you that one of my takeaways was that "self-government" and "revolution" are directly and intimately connected. Actually, no big surprise, there. I write about both of these topics, frequently, and I do think that anyone who has read Hannah Arendt is likely to understand the deep connection between revolution and self-government. If you'd like to check in on this idea, Arendt's book, On Revolution, is a good place to start.

Self-government, and the "politics" that makes it possible, is not, really, "administrative" in its ambitions. Sometimes we act like that's what's involved, but that's a mistake. The purpose of self-government is not just to maintain a positive and proper "administration" of our world - it's not just to "run" the world in ways that are consistent with how it is currently running. The purpose of self-government is to allow us, collectively, to debate and deliberate on what we should do, and then to take action to "make it so."  

We can, as we engage in that debate and deliberation, decide that we must "change the world." This idea, of course, is "revolutionary" in its import and impact. We can, clearly, if we are seriously engaged in "self-government," decide that we need to make some changes. 

Big changes!

Revolutionary changes!

Don't you agree that we're about due to make some of those, right now?

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