Friday, March 22, 2024

#82 / Listen To Lyndsey


I don't really know much about Lyndsey Stonebridge. She is pictured above. Click that link to her name to find out more. Among other things, Stonebridge is the Interdisciplinary Chair of Humanities and Human Rights at the University of Birmingham, in Great Britain. 

Here is why I am advising you to "Listen to Lyndsey," without having, at the time I am writing this brief blog posting, any personal experience that would justify this advice. I am basing my advice, entirely, on the title of Stonebridge's recent book: We Are Free To Change The World

That title makes an important statement. And just in case you haven't noticed, it is true!

I am tempted to say, to anyone who has ever read my blog postings, and who is in the same situation in which I find myself, never having read anything by Lyndsey Stonebridge: "You Heard It Here First!"

In fact, Stonebridge has derived her understanding that "We Are Free To Change The World" from someone I do know something about - and who is the person who helped convince me that what Stonebridge's title says is absolutely true. I speak, of course, about Hannah Arendt

Before we take action - and taking appropriate and inspired action is what is required of us now - we do need, almost certainly, to have some sense that what we do will make a difference. If you have read any significant number of my many blog postings, which have appeared each day over the past thirteen years, you have certainly heard from me that what we do does make a difference, and that "We Are Free To Change The World."

Having said this very same thing myself, I am pretty sure that it would be good to "Listen To Lindsey," to see what she has to say on this topic. I intend to do just that, and I hope you will, too!

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