Saturday, March 23, 2024

#83 / Weak Performance

I enjoy reading the daily blog published by Robert B. Hubbell. Hubbell identifies himself as a "Citizen," and as an "Optimist," and as a "Realist."   He calls his blog, "Today's Edition Newsletter," and he says that his blog is a "reflection on today's news through the lens of hope." 

On March 20, 2024, Hubbell's blog posting was titled, "Positive signals in a noisy environment." Among other things, Hubbell commented on the primary elections held on Tuesday, March 19th. Though former president Trump "won" the Republican Party primaries held that day, Hubbell called it a "weak performance," and as I read Hubbell's blog posting, I recalled a recent blog posting of my own, "We're Afraid Of What?

Many, I think (I am certain that I am not alone), are truly fearful of what might happen were our former president to be elected again this coming November. Hubbell's "realistic optimism" suggests that maybe my conclusion, in my earlier posting, is the right one: "Fear Not. Engage!" Those are my words, but it's pretty much what Hubbell is advising, too. That's good advice from a "Citizen-Optimist-Realist." 

If you want an ongoing reflection on the political events of the day - and one that is not "afraid" of all the horrible things that our former president is promising (a "bloodbath" and a "dictator-for-a-day" presidency), you might just want to subscribe to Hubbell's blog. You can pay, if you'd like to, but you can also sign up for free.

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