Wednesday, January 24, 2024

#24 / Realm Of The Jackass


That picture above depicts Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., who writes a "Business World" column for The Wall Street Journal. He is a prudent sort of fellow, not inclined to excess. 

While I am using Jenkins' picture, the topic of today's blog posting is really the same as the topic of yesterday's blog posting. You can click this link to go back a day, and read what I had to say about Elon Musk (and to view a picture of Musk, pretty much depicting him as crazy). 

In language somewhat more polite than my own, I found that the "Business World" columnist pretty much agrees with me about Musk's latest demand for a salary increase of additional billions of dollars, as an inducement to Musk to keep providing his stellar brand of leadership to Tesla, one of the many companies with which Musk is involved. 

Jenkins' column, published last Saturday, was titled, "Lovable Elon Pulls a Fast One." Here is a short excerpt from that column, using the phrase that sent me to my typewriter, to write out what you are reading right here: 

Mr. Musk is human. He’s an amazing fellow but still subject to the human reality that all dignity begins with understanding your limitations; beyond lies the realm of the jackass, about which advisers have been whispering in the ears of caesars since history began (emphasis added).

I have complained many times that "cryptocurrency" is nothing more than a "scam," a financial bubble just waiting to explode, as it actually has, on a number of occasions, wiping out the real money provided by those "suckers" who believed the outlandish claims of the crypto promoters. I consider "sucker," by the way, to be a technical term. Jenkins is basically saying that Tesla, as promoted by Musk, has many of the same "bubble-like" characteristics you can find in cryptocurrency.

Believing in what Musk portrays - with his hypothesized genius supposedly sufficient to overcome the realities he pretends he can ignore - is to enter into the "Realm of the Jackass." Here's an example: Musk's claims, for instance, that he will be able to establish a new outpost of human civilization on Mars, if U.S. taxpayers will just pay his company, SpaceX, lots and lots of money. 

If you want to avoid visiting the "Realm of the Jackass," where Elon Musk is beckoning you to enter, let me remind you of the phrase I have used with respect to cryptocurrency: "Don't Bite."

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