Tuesday, January 23, 2024

#23 / WMV

WMV? Faced with this acronym, I am tempted to respond: WTF?

What does that mean, WMV? What in the world is WMV?

Well, it appears that WMV is a neologism utilized by Mr. Elon Musk, who is pictured above, in an illustration that accompanies a story in The Wall Street Journal. The story is titled, "Musk Fixates on a 'Woke Mind Virus.'

So: WMV = "Woke Mind Virus."

It is likely that a paywall, erected by The Journal, will keep those who are non-subscribers from reading the actual article. But... give it a click and give it a try. I find that it is often hard to know what barriers will be imposed by online publishers. 

The subtitle to the Wall Street Journal story, in both the online and hardcopy editions, outlines the essence of what WMV is said to mean:

The Tesla billionaire fights what he sees as overzealous progressive ideals. 

In other words, WMV is just political name-calling. Musk, the billionaire, doesn't like "progressive ideals," so he equates them to a "virus." Prior to the proliferation of the Covid virus, ideas with which a person disagreed were not, at least not routinely, called out as a "virus." Now, of course, that is the first analogy that comes to mind. That is the go-to name for something that someone doesn't like, something that seems like it might have a chance of propagating itself widely, and having an impact. 

Got to ward off those "progressive ideals." They're just like a virus.

Musk, to give him credit, goes beyond the trendy equation of "woke" with "evil," "pernicious," and "prolific." He gets right back to basics by calling out this "Woke Mind Virus" as nothing but "communism rebranded."

If the "Woke Mind Virus" isn't stopped, it could welll prevent us from going to Mars! Now, there is a real problem. Almost worse than Covid, don't you think? 

What if we took all the money to which we have access (largely money collected from American taxpayers, though our tax policies let the billionaires off easy), and what if we used that money and tried to deal with global warming right here on Planet Earth? What if we taxed the billionaires in order to provide housing, health care, education, and employment to everyone?

Insidious, right? Likely to be lethal. Those kind of ideas are just "communism rebranded," though the people who propose higher taxes on those who have lots of money do not, necessarily, call for the elimination of private property and private enterprise. 

I don't, for instance! And neither, I am bold to state, does the Walt Disney company. And if you can believe it, the Walt Disney Company, more than any other agent of disaster, is the main target of the wrath of Musk.

Walt Disney? That's the best example that Musk can find of the "Woke Mind Virus" at work?


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