Friday, January 19, 2024

#19 / Party On!

Most will recognize Liz Cheney, pictured above. The picture I have reproduced accompanied a column in The Washington Post, authored by Jennifer Rubin. Rubin's column was titled, "With Trump’s win, Liz Cheney and anti-MAGA GOP voters face a choice."

And how does Rubin characterize that choice? Stand by: 

Last week, Cheney gave her most succinct and clear answer about her outlook on 2024. It bears emphasizing that she is not giving herself or others an “out” by suggesting they all hop on a third-party train to nowhere. Instead, she delivered the hard news: “There are some conservatives who are trying to make this claim that somehow [President] Biden is a bigger risk than Trump,” she said on “The View.” “My view is I disagree with a lot of Joe Biden’s policies. We can survive bad policies. We cannot survive torching the Constitution.”
Votes for a Libertarian, Green or No Labels candidate can only diminish the anti-Trump, save-democracy coalition. Just as we saw in 2020 — when Republicans including former Ohio governor John Kasich; John McCain’s widow Cindy McCain; former senators David Durenberger of Minnesota, Gordon J. Humphrey of New Hampshire and John Warner of Virginia; and a flock of former congressmen and George W. Bush aides endorsed Biden — sober and patriotic Republicans must know that the only candidate in the general election who can beat Trump, if he is the nominee, will be Biden.
If a strongman such as Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco or Jair Bolsonaro were the nominee, no one would dream of throwing their vote away on a fringe candidate. It would be essential to form a broad coalition, from the center-right to the left, in defense of democracy. Any risk that a character prepared to suspend the Constitution could get elected, use the military to suppress dissent and politicize the justice system (among other horrors) would be too great.

Cheney has given her opinion, in her television appearance on "The View," that she believes, after the 2024 election, the Republican Party will be replaced by a new political party, "based on conservative principles and values, where we can engage … with the Democrats on substance and on policy,"

Political parties tend to endure, but changes have occurred in the past. In fact, the currently-existing Republican Party is an example of how a new political party displaced a former political party.  Liz Cheney is advising us all that it is time for a change. 

Constituting a new political party, in the way Cheney advocates, would absolutely not be "easy." It would be, as she claimed in her appearance on "The View," a "tectonic shift" in our politics. 


Fear not, I'd say - and party on!!


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