Monday, October 16, 2023

#289 / On Overthrowing The Government


Let today's blog entry attest to the fact that I did read that book that I picked up from the Little Free Library, in Santa Cruz, California, and that I mentioned in my blog posting here on August 7, 2023

The book I picked up was titled, Soul Of A Citizen, and I commend it to you. The book was written by Paul Rogat Loeb, and it is a very good a book - as I thought it would be!

Hazel Wolf, pictured above, and profiled by Wikipedia right here, is a person who features prominently in Loeb's book. Wolf was ninety-three years old when the above picture was taken, and she died about nine years later, at age 102, in the year 2000. Here's a story, from Soul Of A Citizen:

No one I know has persisted longer or influenced more people than Hazel Wolf. Six hundred and fifty people filled a hall to celebrate her hundreth birthday. Hundreds more were turned away... The ceremony opened with slides of Hazel as an activist in her thirties, with her determined eyes and half-smile, and in her mid-nineties, Kayaking Washington's Puget Sound. People laughed at testimonies to her style of "endless pressure, endlessly applied." McCarthy-era attempts to deport Hazel, joked Earth Day founder Dennis Hayes, were all a misunderstanding. She "filled out a form asking if she favored the overthrow of the U.S. government by force, revolution, or violence. She assumed it was a multiple-choice test and circled 'revolution.'"

Wolf was engaged in "politics" her entire life. She is a figure that should inspire us all!

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