Sunday, October 15, 2023

#288 / Money In The Street


I do a lot of walking. On the average, recently, I have been doing about 3.3 miles a day (I do keep track). That 3.3 mile a day average means that some days I do a lot more. As I walk, I generally find money in the street. You can see, above, a picture of the bowls in which I am capturing and collecting the coins I find. 

A friend told me, long ago, that every time you find a penny in the street, it's to be taken as an indication that "somebody loves you." 

Just because of that, I keep my eyes open!

My current thought is that the coins I find are not only indications and reminders that "somebody loves me." I do believe that's true - in fact I know it - but these coins can also be considered reminders of the blessings I have been given in my life. I am generally finding new reminders of my blessings, almost every day - sometimes such reminders coming in forms other than coins lying around on curbs and in gutters! One day, I found a book in a Little Free Library, A Room Called Remember, by Frederick Buechner. One of the sermons collected in that book is titled, "Emmanuel," or "God With Us." 

Those coins I continue to find, on almost every walk I take, may be a reminder of just how true that is - what Buechner wrote. That is more or less my current thought.

I am keeping my eyes open!

Gary A. Patton, Personal Photo

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