Wednesday, June 7, 2023

#158 / Not Exactly Uplifting!


That picture has been clipped from a YouTube video. You can watch it, if you want to, but let me warn you that it is not very "uplifting." 
Featured in the video is Professor Guy R. McPherson, who is pictured above. I have profiled McPherson before, in a blog posting titled, "What A Guy!" That earlier blog posting commented on what McPherson had to say when he visited Santa Cruz, California, back in April 2019. He hasn't altered his dour view of the future. In fact, he is doubling down on his pessimistic pronouncements about Global Warming and what some (including McPherson) call "Climate Change." 

I no longer think we’ll save the remaining shards of the living planet beyond another few years, as I have mentioned several times in this space. We will destroy every—or nearly every—species on Earth when the many self-reinforcing feedback loops associated with climate change come more obviously into play. The conclusion that all life on Earth will go extinct was reached by Strona and Bradshaw in their 13 November 2018 peer-reviewed paper, Co-extinctions annihilate planetary life during extreme environmental change. This paper was published in the open-access Scientific Reports, part of the renowned Nature series of peer-reviewed publications. As most viewers know, I had identified enough self-reinforcing feedback loops to conclude climate change is abrupt and irreversible by 20 June 2012.

Hey, McPherson wants us to know that those peer-reviewed scientists who put out the word that we are totally doomed (in 2018) were quite a bit behind the curve. McPherson told us all about it in 2012!

I have a message, too. 

We are not "doomed" until we decide we are. 
Observers look at the past, and the present, and extrapolate to the future. 

Actors change the future. 

As I said, back in 2019, "let's give it a try!*"
"Changing" the future means that we will have to change everything we do right now, in the present, in dramatic ways. If you want to give up, and go with McPherson, that's very understandable. But... not inevitable!
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