Saturday, January 21, 2023

#21 / Envelope #3


I enjoyed a recent "Letter to the Editor" in The Wall Street Journal. An image of the letter (included below, and hopefully readable from within this blog posting) suggests how the chief executives of major corporations should handle ongoing business challenges. 
The story is a kind of "joke," which resonates, I am sure, with business types, because it does reflect the kind of ruthless ethics of corporate leadership, as routinely practiced. The specific reference is to the recent reappointment of Bob Iger to the position as CEO of the Disney corporation. The letter does a good job of telling a funny and revealing story about how corporations tend to work. I am not sure that our politics doesn't, pretty much, follow the same system.
There may be another approach to leadership (besides utilizing the "three envelopes" system). Our "leaders," whether appointed or elected, could choose not to attempt to divert and disguise the real problems that the organization faces. What if the "leader" brought in those to whom she or he is responsible, and fully informed them of the challenges and the difficulties that the "envelope system" seeks to disguise? 
If we are, as I like to say, "in this together," and that is the inevitable result of our existential human situation, in both business and government, it might work best for our "leaders" to recognize this, and to spread responsibility to all who are, in fact, responsible. All of us!
I would definitely like to see this kind of effort deployed in the realm of politics. I think F.D.R. showed how this could work for a president - and, by extension, any political leader.

Just a thought! And enjoy that "three envelopes" story! [The link will take you to another version, that is definitely readable, just in case The Wall Street Journal clip is a little too blurry].

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