Sunday, January 1, 2023

#1 / It's Now Or Never, More Than Ever


It’s now or never, more than ever.

    - Bob Dylan, "Soon After Midnight"
This quotation from Bob Dylan, which I have utilized before, seems like an appropriate way to start off this New Year. I have always loved this line, compressing into seven little words a whole philosophy of life.
When we say "Now or Never," we seem to be claiming that there is something unique, and of great import, happening in the very moment that we utter the phrase. Adding the "more than ever" statement absolutely undercuts this sense that we are speaking of some kind of unique moment, different from any other. 
"More than ever" indicates that the unique "Now or Never" moment is in fact always the moment in which we live. 

And isn't that exactly true?

As far as I am concerned, this phrase has Bob Dylan doing a full "George Fox" on us. Different phrasing, and they're both right: 

It’s now or never, more than ever.
Ye have no time but this present time, therefore prize your time, for your soul’s sake.

Like I said, isn't this exactly true?

And like I also said, isn't remembering this an appropriate way to start off this New Year? When we think about the crises that we confront, from the looming and ever-greater possibility of nuclear war, to global warming and its dire consequences for life on Earth, from wealth and income inequality to the  national (and local) housing crisis, to the perils facing our democracy, isn't this just the right sentiment?
I think it is:
It’s now or never, more than ever!
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