Tuesday, November 8, 2022

#313 / Last Chance Today


We "Live In A Political World." That's my contention. That's the name of this blog. Getting engaged in the political life of the community needs to be a priority for each one of us - at least it needs to be a priority if we want to continue to enjoy the benefits of democratic self-government. 
Our laws do determine what the government does, so the persons we elect as our national, state, and local representatives will have an important impact on us individually, and on the communities in which we live. Our elected representatives will vote to enact, or repeal, the laws that will determine current and future land use, and what kind of environmental protections we can rely upon. The laws that they enact will either respond to the global warming crisis - or won't - and will determine how we deal with issues of social, racial, and economic justice. 
Besides electing representatives, of course, we sometimes enact laws directly, by the initiative process, and in my hometown, Santa Cruz, California, there are some very consequential initiative measures on the local ballot.
Today is Election Day, and this is our last chance to vote.
Given that we have some very consequential choices before us, I have made some recommendations, by way of earlier blog postings, letting those who are reading my blog postings know the key candidate and ballot measure elections that I think are of most importance. 
I reiterate my recommendations, and if you haven't yet voted, I hope you will click those links, to see my arguments. 
Above all, to any who have not yet voted.... 

I hope you will!
You can do that - you can vote today, Election Day, even if you haven't yet registered. Here's how!

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