Sunday, September 4, 2022

#248 / One Of These Days, Right?


I don't remember how many years ago it was, but one Sunday I attended church services at a Presbyterian Church in Kirkland, Washington. I think it was the Inglewood Presbyterian Church, based on a picture on the internet, but I am not absolutely positive. At any rate, when I walked into the church, a round disk, just like the one pictured above, was pressed into my hands. Everyone was getting one. I was a visitor. I didn't stop to ask. I just went into the church and sat down, and waited for the service to begin. 
The sermon that day was all about that disk. It was, of course, a "round TUIT," and the message was clear: we all need to "get around to it" a lot more than we actually ever do. 

I have never forgotten that sermon, but I didn't, at the time, immediately connect up the message I got from that sermon with my favorite observation by George Fox, the first "Quaker." 

Hokey as that "round TUIT" thing was, the message I heard in that Presbyterian church conveys a profound truth about the human reality that defines us - and that we, actually, define for ourselves, by the actions we take. The message of that sermon, in fact, was the same message that George Fox delivered, way back when:

If we have some inclination or indication that we should, maybe, "do something," the time to "get around to it" is NOW!

Right now is the only time we have!

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