Thursday, September 1, 2022

#245 / Maybe, Someday


I have been writing these daily blog  postings since January 1, 2010. In one of my early blog postings, which I called "Field Notes," and which was published on March 22, 2011, I indicated that my blog postings might well be considered as notes for a book. 
My thought was that I might actually write a book (Gary Patton, author; that kind of thing), integrating all the various ideas that keep popping up in these blog postings. Here was my observation at that time: "Maybe, someday."
There is always a "someday," of course, until there isn't, and I definitely know the attractions of delay and defer. Here I am, more than eleven years after that "Field Notes" blog posting, and the "write a book idea" is still with me. 
"Maybe, someday" is what I tell myself! I am still saying the same thing that I said back then. 
I just have a lot more notes!

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