Wednesday, August 10, 2022

#223 / While We Wait


Almost immediately after writing the blog posting that appeared yesterday, I ran across an article by none other than Mitt Romney. Romney is currently a United States Senator, representing Utah. He is a Republican, and he is a former presidential candidate. Maybe a future one, too, based on the article!
Romney's article was published in The Atlantic on July 4, 2022, and is titled, "America Is In Denial." It's an article worth reading. Romney's article begins with the following observations:

Even as we watch the reservoirs and lakes of the West go dry, we keep watering our lawns, soaking our golf courses, and growing water-thirsty crops.
As inflation mounts and the national debt balloons, progressive politicians vote for ever more spending.
As the ice caps melt and record temperatures make the evening news, we figure that buying a Prius and recycling the boxes from our daily Amazon deliveries will suffice.
Here is how Romney's article ends:

President Joe Biden is a genuinely good man, but he has yet been unable to break through our national malady of denial, deceit, and distrust. A return of Donald Trump would feed the sickness, probably rendering it incurable. Congress is particularly disappointing: Our elected officials put a finger in the wind more frequently than they show backbone against it. Too often, Washington demonstrates the maxim that for evil to thrive only requires good men to do nothing.
I hope for a president who can rise above the din to unite us behind the truth. Several contenders with experience and smarts stand in the wings; we intently watch to see if they also possess the requisite character and ability to bring the nation together in confronting our common reality. While we wait, leadership must come from fathers and mothers, teachers and nurses, priests and rabbis, businessmen and businesswomen, journalists and pundits. That will require us all to rise above ourselves—above our grievances and resentments—and grasp the mantle of leadership our country so badly needs (emphasis added).
As my blog posting yesterday made clear, I think that the "leadership" we are looking for will and must come from "fathers and mothers, teachers and nurses, priests and rabbis, businessmen and businesswomen, journalists and pundits" - and, in fact, from every one of us. 
If we are looking for leadership, we need to stop waiting around for some next president, whom we hope will restore our "faith." We need to look in the mirror. 
WE are the leaders we are looking for. When we are looking for someone we can trust, we should trust ourselves
That is really all we have to know. 

No need to wait!

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