Thursday, March 24, 2022

#83 / Socialists Dream

Many readers of The Sun magazine probably look forward, as I do, to the pieces contributed by Sparrow, who appears frequently in the pages of The Sun. I think he has something like 206 articles listed in the index to The Sun's archives.
In the November 2021 issue, The Sun tells us the following: "Sparrow lives in Phoenicia, New York, and has been mourning Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts by watching videos of his performances on YouTube [Watts died in August 2021]. Sparrow’s next book is Civilization and Its Disc Contents. You can follow him on Twitter: @Sparrow14."
If you do check out that link to Twitter, you get the picture I am reproducing below, and the advice that Sparrow's self-identification is as "Poet and Presidential candidate." You might also see a February 21, 2022, Twitter posting (I think they're called "Tweets") that said this:

For Boomers like me it’s nostalgic to fear World War III again.
Even though I am not really classified as a "Boomer," that does ring true. 

Also Sparrow

In the November 2021, edition of The Sun, Sparrow wrote a piece entitled, "On Time," which I found particularly engaging. It consists of thirty-six, short, numbered paragraphs. They are all good, but I particularly liked #33, which is reproduced below: 

I am sorry that George Fox is no longer around, and available to write for The Sun. I and others, I feel certain, would have looked forward to his submissions, and I am quite confident that Fox would still be agitating for a political movement that would meet Sparrow's specifications. I have written about Fox many times before, and I almost always include the following quote: 

Ye have no time but this present time, therefore prize your time, for your soul’s sake.

That is such good advice! I never get tired of repeating it. Sparrow is right. That is the essence of what a political movement ought to be all about!
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