Wednesday, December 15, 2021

#349 / A Restoration Story


That is George Monbiot, pictured, as he delivers a very stimulating TED Talk. Monbiot's message is that what seems to have failed us, in this time of social, political, and economic disunion, is our political imagination.

In moments such as ours, Monbiot says - and there have been many such moments in our political history - what we need, what has always saved us in the end, is a "restoration story," a story that reorients our thinking, and that allows us to collaborate and cooperate, and to access the altruism that is the greatest of our human gifts. 
"Stories," Monbiot says, "are what allow us to navigate the world," thus making the same point I discussed yesterday, reporting on Yuval Noah Harari. What we need at the moment is a new story - although it can be - and should be - a story built on the same pattern as all the other restoration stories that have come before. Such a new story is what will allow us to do something never thought of or done before. A new story is what will allow us to change the world.

My thanks to one of the most faithful readers of these daily blog postings for having drawn my attention to this presentation by George Monbiot. 
Monbiot is worth watching. I'm trying to make it easy here:

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