Thursday, November 25, 2021

#329 / Thanksgiving, 2021


The Thanksgiving photo above is from 2012. That's my daughter, Sonya, and my grandchildren Dylan and Delaney. Dylan and Delaney are a lot older now - and now there is Jay, too! As I searched among my personal photos for an image for today's blog posting, this was the only photo I could find that depicted an actual Thanksgiving Day meal at our house. In fact, of course, this photo provides only a post-meal image. We have eaten, it is pretty clear, and it doesn't look like there is very much left. 
The earliest Thanksgiving Day for which I could find a personal photo is our family Thanksgiving in 2009. On that Thanksgiving, and on every one thereafter, up until 2020, the pictures I have collected show us out on a family hike. We will be out on a family hike today, too, extremely grateful for food, family, and the wondrous beauty of the Natural World. 
For many, those blessings that I list here are problematic, on this and every other day. 
May the blessings we enjoy tender our hearts towards those less fortunate than we. Cannot we resolve now, even in advance of that annual moment of resolutions, celebrated as a new year begins, to share more, do more, care more, every day from this day on, until Thanksgiving Day next year? I know we can, and we must do that, just as we must make the fundamental changes in our society and economics that Greta Thunberg has called for, and that I wrote about a couple of days ago. 

Our 2020 Thanksgiving hike to the Fern Grotto at Wilder Ranch.

Image Credits:
Gary A. Patton personal photos

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