Tuesday, August 3, 2021

#215 / Knitting The Fabric

On July 9, 2021, The Wall Street Journal saluted The Carmel Pine Cone, claiming that "Local News Knits the Fabric of American Life." 

I agree with The Wall Street Journal in this case - which certainly isn't true with respect to every news or opinion column I find within The Journal's pages! 
Besides reading The Wall Street Journal, I also subscribe to email bulletins from Paul Miller, editor of The Pine Cone, which alert me to follow up on interesting stories in The Pine Cone's online edition. I do the same thing with respect to the Monterey County Weekly, whose politics - closer to my own - differ substantially from those of The Pine Cone.
There are local newspapers and online news sources in Santa Cruz County, too, which is where I live, and I have signed up to follow them all: The Santa Cruz Sentinel; Good Times, Santa Cruz; Lookout, Santa Cruz; The Pajaronian; Aptos Life; and Santa Cruz Local
Local journalism is under siege, and I encourage everyone to sign up for both paid and unpaid subscriptions to all the journalistic sources that cover the local community in which you live. And think, seriously, about paying for this news, too. 

There is lots of material out there - news that is of, by and about our local communities - but it takes real people - weavers and knitters - to pull it all together for us. Without current news about who we are, and what we are doing - without the news about what is happening to us - our local communities fall apart.

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