Friday, June 25, 2021

#176 / Or So We Thought


 A New York Times article from May 14, 2021, is headlined this way: 

The Hoover Dam Made Life in the West Possible. Or So We Thought.

"Or so we thought!" That second sentence is the killer. We have been in the habit of bending Nature to our will, and have become accustomed to using our intelligence and our science to force the natural world to deliver for the human civilization we have built upon it. 

It is now quite clear that we need to change our way of thinking - and the water crisis facing all of the Western United States is only one example. We need to allow Nature to shape our civilization (and thus live within its limits), rather than trying  to do the opposite, and attempting to allow our civilization to shape Nature itself.

Same message as my blog posting from yesterday, right?

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