Saturday, June 26, 2021

#177 / Hey, Jammer!


Adbusters is the magazine that kicked off the Occupy Movement. Pictured above is an advertisement for the latest issue. As you can see, Adbusters is still trying to get something started. Specifically, the magazine is now hoping to lead us in "taking back our sovereignty," overthrowing the domination of the massive corporations that now seem to be running the world. 

That's a very good idea - though I'm hoping that I can learn about the plan without having to shell out $15.00 for the advice, which is what a single copy of the magazine seems to cost. 

While I am not so sure I can really endorse that "Hey, Jammer" salutation, I am absolutely in agreement with the idea that the corporations are not really "persons," like you and me, but that they are legal creations, and that we can set the rules by which they operate. In other words, it is absolutely possible to "make corporations work for us, not the other way around."

That's good news! Might even be worth that $15.00!

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