Sunday, March 14, 2021

#73 / Persistance

Pat Bakalian, pictured, has written a very nice book, Persistence: The Power To Make Change. Pat's book is a "Memoir," filled with stories of her family life, and with personal recollections from Palo Alto and Santa Cruz, and detailing her forays from Santa Cruz, to San Francisco, and all around the country, and even to China - not to mention her long-ago recollections of a girlhood sojourn in Switzerland.

A lot of of Pat's memoir is about "politics," how ordinary people can change the world. I already knew how this can be done - from my personal experience, and because I do know Pat. I found her book nostalgic, since I did know quite a bit (but not everything) about the track she charted in her memoir, from her involvement in politics at the local level to her activism at the state, and national level. Pat traversed that entire route, and she says it's a story of "one woman's evolution from shy girl to feminist political activist." 

Quite an evolution! Did Pat's memoir make me feel nostalgic? Yes it did - but it's not just a trip into nostalgia. It's inspiring, too!


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