Thursday, November 5, 2020

#310 / Healing

Joe Biden, if elected president, "can't heal the country." That is what Bonnie Kristian said in an online posting in The Week, published on October 29, 2020. From the very brief biography that The Week has provided, it appears that Kristian is a pretty conservative person. Nonetheless, I don't sense that her comment is simply "partisan," in the way that the exact same comment would sound coming from our current president, or from his close supporters. 

Kristian actually has a more thoughtful point to make, and I think we should be willing to hear it - those of us who are on the "left" side of the political spectrum, as well as those of us who are on the "right" side:

A president might be able to refrain from exacerbating our political division, but he can't heal it. We have to heal ourselves.

Kristian is dubious that it will be possible for us to "heal ourselves." 

I say, we must!

The only way to do that, though, will be to address and overcome the divisions that characterize our current politics. That includes eliminating the longstanding patterns of racial injustice that have informed this nation's political, social, and economic life since our Revolution and before. Plus, we need to deal with the massive economic inequality has makes a mockery of social solidarity. 

Social solidarity is how we "heal ourselves." 

Need I repeat? We must!

Our ability to make the huge changes we must make to deal with the global warming crisis - a crisis that imperils all of us, and that puts all life on the planet at risk - is one major reason that we must (and I will repeat it) 

Heal Ourselves!

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