Saturday, October 24, 2020

#298 / What Would You Do (If You Weren't Afraid)?

The picture above comes from an article in the August 23, 2020, edition of The New York Times. Online, the article is titled, "The Office Will Never Be The Same (That's probably a good thing)." 

I always read The Times in the hard copy version. In its print edition, The Times titled this article, "The Revolution In The Way We Work (Luckily, the office will never be the same)."

Frankly, while I am interested in what sort of changes might be happening (or could happen) in the workplace, what caught my attention when I saw the article was mostly the picture, reproduced above. Plus the use of the world "Revolution," of course. 

We are now in a "revolutionary" moment - and not just in terms of how we relate to our workplaces. We are in the midst of a revolutionary situation; pandemics, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires proclaim that. And so do our politics. 

Many things have brought us here, but don't we all know that this is true? We are, truly, in a "revolutionary" situation.

In revolutionary moments, we know (lots of us know) that the world can be changed, or to use a non-passive construction, that we can change the world. 

In fact, it is always the case that we can change the world. Our ability, individually, to do something new, and unexpected, something never known or done before, is an ever-present reality of our human existence. Our ability, collectively, to determine the shape and character of our human world is always the essence of our existential situation. 

I have no doubt that we are in a revolutionary moment, and I think that this revolutionary moment will extend beyond the upcoming election, and whatever comes after, whatever that election brings us. 

So, we all need to start thinking about what we would do (if we were not afraid). 

At another revolutionary moment in our United States history, our then president told us that, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." 

Let us assume that he was right. 

That opens up quite a lot of possibilities, doesn't it?

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