Sunday, October 18, 2020

#292 / Kiss The Ground


That's Woody Harrelson, the actor, pictured as he is narrating Kiss The Ground, a brand new documentary movie that is very likely to blow you away. I urge you to see it. 

If you care about finding real solutions to our global warming crisis, and I feel certain you do - and that you do know that the global warming crisis isn't a "maybe" crisis, but that it is, in fact, a real crisis that puts the future of our human civilization in peril - then you should see this movie. 

Here, once again, is the link to the movie's website. The movie is streaming on Netflix, which is how I saw it, but that link I have provided will give you some other options, too.

After you watch the movie, get ready to pitch in, and to get involved yourself, because we can and must insist that we take action, both individually and collectively, and that we do it now. 

Ok! Let me cut you some slack. AFTER November 3rd. January next year at the latest. We have to start doing things, individually and collectively, that make real change, and that will make a real difference. This movie will give you some ideas.

So, (1) watch the trailer. Then (2) watch the movie. Then (3) get ready to make some personal changes, both individual and political. 

We have about ten years to make the changes we need to make - and we can do it, too. Doom, destruction, and death is only one of the options. Let's shoot for something better.

Here's that trailer: 

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