Thursday, April 2, 2020

#93 / Concession, II

There has been a lot of commentary on the Bernie Sanders' campaign for the presidency. I am sure there will be a lot more before the Democratic National Convention. Depending on what happens at the convention, there may be a lot more commentary on Bernie Sanders after that!

Three fairly recent articles all make points worth noting. Charles Blow, writing in The New York Times, says, "Don't Doubt Bernie." He thinks Bernie can win:

Sanders has work to do. He has some very real hurdles to clear. And it will not be easy. His opponents would use every instrument at their disposal during a general election to tar and feather him. But, all that stated, I still wouldn’t doubt his ability to win. There is a very real desire for real change in this country. It would be a mistake to discount it.

Terry Sullivan, writing in The Wall Street Journal, agrees with Blow. Sullivan was Marco Rubio's campaign manager in Rubio's run for the presidency in 2016. Here is what he thinks:
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