Saturday, March 7, 2020

#67 / Do You Think I Am Crazy?

Headed into this heated political year, ask yourself: What if I loved everyone? What if I reflexively loved everyone, and let everyone into my life, even people who hold opinions I loathe?

Amy Dickinson, who writes the widely syndicated "Ask Amy" advice column, makes the above comment to a young woman who asks about her boyfriend. The boyfriend likes Donald Trump, and he "loathes the Democratic Party." The young woman is of the opposite view. She asks Amy if she is "crazy" to continue her budding relationship with this guy. The boyfriend is, by her report, "one of the most caring, sweetest, and genuine guys I have ever met."

I think Amy is onto something, here, and her response to the young woman with the Trump-positive boyfriend might have some relevance beyond the romantic.

If we don't like political polarization (and most don't) let's not polarize ourselves at the first disagreement!

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